Spring 2017
Art 369h, Interactive Design
210 Green Hall; Mondays 1:30–5:20pm
Instructor: Laurel Schwulst, laurel@linkedbyair.net
TA: Ayham Ghraowi, ayham.ghraowi@yale.edu


For code editing, we will use Sublime Text.

For website hosting, we will use Github Pages with Github Desktop.

Google docs


Are.na channels


Technical resources

Class 2: Building Your First Web Page (Shay Howe)
Class 2: Getting to Know HTML (Shay Howe)
Class 3: Getting to Know CSS (Shay Howe)
Class 4: Chrome Web Inspector
Class 4: CSS Specificity
Class 4: Opening the Box Model (Shay Howe)
Class 4: Learn Layout
Class 5: Flexbox in 5 Minutes

HTML Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet
Dive into HTML5
Resilient Web Design
Free Code Camp
MIT Code Lectures
Eloquent Javascript
Getting Git Right
W3C Code Validator

At Yale

Everything else